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Welcome to the official website of Changzhou Changshun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd.!


As a professional chemical enterpriseprofessional chemical enterprise integrating sales, production, research and development, Changzhou Changshun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. now mainly produces Diethyl maleate, Phenyl ethyl ether, Methyl methoxy acetate, Methyl 1-naphthyl ether (1-Methoxynaphthalene), Dimethyl maleate, Phenyl methyl ether, p-Methoxy phenyl methyl ether, Ethyl chloroacetate and Methyl chloroacetate, etc. Besides strong technical force, our company has established long-term cooperation relationships with Chemical Research Institute of the Province and City, Nanjing University and Yangzhou University, etc. At present, our company invests and builds a production base in Shandong Province due to the needs of our development.

Sticking to such service tenet of "be easy, perfect, honest and efficient", abiding by business ethics, and following customers' demands, we are working for customers' satisfactions. Upholding such business idea of "Credit first, customer supreme" and "human-oriented" management consciousness, and relying on senior managers and full-dimensional service system, we have the good ability to offer customers more worry-free and rest-assured service.

Aiming to produce the best products, we think service management is number one priority to our operation. Sticking to such principle of "To get real by quality, to get truth by real, to be an honest friend", we are working hard to expand our business. Changshun looks forward to cooperating with you for creating a bright future!


Enterprise tenet:serve the country through industry
Business philosophy:have business in an honest way
Business principles: Brand management, differentiated competition, lower cost, to get victory through offering excellent quality.
Talent concept: Morality-based, ability-based, performance first.